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Abstract Roque Cordero (1917-2008) is the most recognized and accomplished composer of Panama. Even though his music is not yet well known on the concert classical stage, he has contributed to Latin American repertoire with his vast catalog of music. Richness is created by the mixture of twelve-tone technique combined with Panamanian musical folk elements and other Latin-American rhythms. The objective of this monograph is to better understand the Sonata for Cello and Piano and the Soliloquio No. 6 for cello solo, particularly to describe and analyze its structure, and to look for traces of Panamanian folk music. The intent is that the analysis can be used as a guide to learn about the Panamanian composer Roque Cordero; to have a better understanding on how Panamanian elements have been used in dodecaphonic pieces, and to provide an overview to cellists about how his music is organized and help them decide how they would like to interpret these pieces. This thesis is divided in four sections. Following the introduction comes a review of Cordero’s life and musical output as well as an analysis of the factors that could have influenced these compositions. The third section includes a description of structure and analysis of both cello pieces. Finally, the main conclusions of this work are presented. The results of these findings helped in my actual performance of these works.



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