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Hispanic immigrants come to the United States with hopes to obtain a better life for their families through perceived better wages and educational opportunities. One source of income for Hispanic immigrants is through employment in crawfish farm operations. Crawfish farm operations benefit from the employment of Hispanic immigrants through government programs that supply workers to the industry. Therefore, many crawfish farm operations in Louisiana employ both Caucasian U.S. citizen and Hispanic immigrant labor to operate efficiently. The purpose of this study was to compare selected characteristics of crawfish farm workers as well as to explore values related to education, monetary values, career expectations, and perceptions of migrant workers held by each ethnic group. The results of this study indicated significant differences associated with Hispanic immigrant and Caucasian U.S. citizen crawfish farmer’s educational backgrounds, demographics, monetary values, career values, and perceptions of migrant workers. The Hispanic immigrants are younger and have a lower overall educational attainment than the Caucasian U.S. citizens. Also, education is equally important for Caucasian U.S. citizens and Hispanic immigrants. Hispanic immigrants perceive monetary earnings and migrant workers as more important than is perceived by Caucasian U.S. citizens; while Caucasian U.S. citizens perceive career plans and working on crawfish farms as more important than is perceived by Hispanic immigrants. The results of this study can be used by extension services and other educational programs to direct future educational activities based on collected information related to values and perceptions of crawfish farm employees in Louisiana. These activities can enhance the value of extension and educational programs that are meant to serve all populations in Louisiana.



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