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This dissertation highlights the investigation of ternary lanthanide antimonide structure types and their physical properties. In particular, these ternary phases allow for the systematic investigation of the structure in an effort to correlate structure and properties. The ternary antimonides are layered structures with two-dimensional square sheets or nets, which influence the properties of these materials. In an effort to determine how structural changes influence the physical properties, various single crystals of compounds relating to the orthorhombic CeNiSb3 structure have been grown and characterized. The layered CeNiSb3 structure consists of Sb sheets, NiSb6 distorted octahedra, and CeSb9 monocapped square anti-prisms. LnNi(Sn,Sb)3 and LnPdSb3 differ slightly from the CeNiSb3 structure in the packing of the transition metal layer. The structures and physical properties of LnNi(Sn,Sb)3 (Ln = La-Nd, Sm, Gd, Tb) are studied as a function of lanthanide. The stability of the CeNiSb3 structure was investigated by the substitution of Co or Cu for Ni in CeNiSb3 resulting in CeNixCo1-xSb3 and Ln(Cu1-xNix)ySb2 compounds. Also, the effect of Ni substitution for Cu in Ce(Cu1-xNix)Sb2 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.8) compounds on the magnetoresistance is investigated. This dissertation also explores the different structure types of molybdates Rb4M(MoO4)3 (M = Mn, Zn, and Cu). Each analogue adopts a different structure type and contain similar subunits. The full structure determinations of each of these compounds are important to be able to understand the promising magnetic and electrical properties.



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