Environmental Remote Sensing and Control




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ABSTRACT Advances in microcontroller technology, lightweight composite building materials, powerful computers, camera sensors, and software has resulted in the dawn of a new age of Unmanned Aerial Systems. This research addresses several ways that novel and unique UAV systems can extend the range of human senses well beyond our physical bodies. This research supposes that remotely piloted and unmanned aerial vehicle systems used as robotic remote sensing platforms and equipped with high resolution cameras can be used to spot target areas of interest for mosquito control. In order to prove this ground truthing and fly overs of test objects and areas of interest for mosquito control in both urban and rural areas were conducted. This research focuses on Enhanced Inspection of construction sights and limiting this discussion to a focus on one particullary high risk area, roofing. Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf Coast Region is subject to coastal storms. With these storms significant roof damage can come. Specially designed UAV systems are a novel and unique innovation that can make inspection safer and more effective. To be used as advanced remote sensing and data capture platforms as part of a networked and integrated remote sensing system UAS will have to extend their range and be capable of operation and reprogramming over large distances in remote areas well beyong the line of site communication employed by current technology. This research investigated long range communication methods which can be employed to extend the range of UAV’s beyond visual line of site and make them useful long range remote sensing tools This research looks at drones as part of an agricultural control system and compares the effectiveness of an NIR camera for calculated crop normalized difference vegetative index data to the Trimble Green Seeker© active NDVI scanner. By conducting linear regression and graphical analysis this research hopes to prove that calculated NDVI derived from an NIR camera can be substituted for Green Seeker data. The world is a dynamic environment and in order to manage and control this environment the ability to collect real time data is important.



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