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This research is focused on media discourse analysis with interdisciplinary perspectives in language, culture, and gender studies. The purpose of this study is to analyze the media discourse of live interpreter-mediated events with distinctive perspectives involving socio-cultural, structural, and linguistic approaches. The discourse used as data is collected from a live Korean TV program called “I Miss That Person” (IMTP). From IMTP, I titled the first clip “Han, Youngwoong’s Discourse” as Data 1 and the second clip “Lee, ChunShik’s Discourse” as Data 2. Two clips of each data can be seen at The analysis of the media discourse is comprised of three interdisciplinary fields: the maternity of birth and adoptive mothers as a content-based analysis, an interpreter-mediated event as a structure-based analysis, and coherence relations as a corpus-based analysis. As a contextual analysis, I investigate ‘Maternity’ of Korean birth mothers and American adoptive mothers in international adoption through a lens of feminist viewpoint in Chapter 4. In addition, I applied the mothers’ bodies to maternal female bodies in postmodernism with Michel Foucault’s (1977/1995; 1978/1990) theory of power. As a structural analysis, in Chapter 5, I analyze the Data 1 and 2 of the Korean interpreted discourse within the framework of Alexieva’s interpreter-mediated event (1997; 2002). It presents an application of the discourse events and implies that each section has an explanation of each parameter. As a discourse text analysis, in Chapter 6, the ‘coherence relations’ of Kehler (2002) are used as a tool to analyze the English texts as a source language to Korean as a target language. From the analysis, I find two types of classifications, discrepancy and match, and two types of patterns, elaboration to elaboration and multiple relations.



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