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This study was undertaken to document the life and teaching of the American clarinetist William Blayney who was noted for the beauty of his tone and expressive playing. He is representative of the French clarinet school, and through his teaching he carries on this tradition of fine clarinet playing to another generation in the United States. Blayney’s wide range of experience extends from playing with the Atlanta and Seattle symphonies, to opera and ballet companies in New York, Atlanta, Baltimore and Seattle, to playing on Broadway and on movie soundtracks such as Die Hard III and Disney Studio re-scorings of classical cartoons. Blayney has taught at the Peabody Conservatory Preparatory Department, Baltimore School for Performing Arts, and the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC.) The purpose of this study was to present Blayney’s teaching approach to clarinet and his contribution to the dissemination of the French school’s pedagogical ideas, as well as his influence on today’s clarinetist throughout United States. This study can be useful to the clarinetist who wants to develop a good tone as a foundation, on which he can build other aspects of his playing such as legato, articulation, phrasing, and technical facility. The monograph consists of six chapters. Chapter one presents a short history of the French school of clarinet playing and its influence in the United States. Chapter two provides biographical information about William Blayney concentrating on his education, performing and teaching career. Chapter three examines the significant influences of his teachers, Donald Blayney, Ignatius Genussa and David Weber. Chapter four researches his interest in historical recordings and the recorded legacy of the greatest clarinetists of the Twentieth-century. Chapter five summarizes the essentials of Blayney’s teaching. The document concludes with a bibliography and appendices.



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