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Shot putting is one of the most ancient forms of athletic competition. Considerable research has been performed on the event. Despite this fact, research examining performance in the women’s shot put and using the spin technique is very limited. Also, only one attempt has been made to optimize the movement of elite shot putting and no attempts have been made to use the optimization model as a standard for technical training intervention. A series of three experiments were used to explore the development of an optimization model for shot putting and its application as a basis for technical intervention for elite athletes. Experiment 1 served as an exploratory study that explored the feasibility of developing an optimization model for shot putting. The results indicated that there are 8 variables that are highly linked with performance in the shot put and supported the notion that an optimization model for the shot put could be developed. Experiment 2 expanded on and validated the findings of the first study. Results of this study yielded a five variable optimization model for the shot put. Finally, Experiment 3 sought to apply the optimization model developed in Experiment 2 to elite athletes. The results indicated that a technical intervention based on an optimization model produces meaningful changes in performance that can be attributed to changes in optimization model parameters.



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