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With rapid advance of information technology (IT), computer-based gaming has flourished for decades. Gaming becomes a part of modern culture, especially among emerging digital generations. In addition to the entertaining purpose, attempts are made to use games for serious purpose, such as education and training. With the genuine characteristics that bring enjoyment, engagement, and context, games are considered good tools for business education and training that support or even may substitute the traditional learning methods. However, there is a dearth of research with regards to the comprehensive view of how people can learn business topics through serious games and transfer the value of business games to the work practices. To fill the gap, this dissertation research focuses on the use of serious games in business education and training. In Study I, the two main elements of serious games, namely seriousness and playfulness, and how these elements play roles in game-based learning process, are investigated. From two SEM (Structural Equation Model) analyses of quantitative data from 190 MBA students who have experienced business simulation games, seriousness and playfulness are shown to explain significant parts of the game-based learning process with several antecedents. In addition, Study II investigates the potentially transferrable values of business simulation games to the business practices based on the qualitative data from 43 business professionals who have experienced various business simulation games in their Professional MBA program. The result of analyzing the business professionals’ arguments in Toulmin’s framework, various values of serious games in business practice are found. Overall, this dissertation research contributes in providing fundamental insights for future studies regarding the use of serious games in business education and training context. Also, the findings from the research provide implications to the practitioners who consider using serious games in business.



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