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This document contains a score of the opera transcription for Harmonie that has been compiled from a manuscript collection currently in the holdings of the Helikon Castle Museum Library in Keszthely, Hungary (H KE 0/117) and arranged by Georg Druschetzky, Bohemian-born oboist and regimental drummer, who spent the major portion of his career working in the small geographical area of Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. The most significant portion of this collection is extracted from Müller's opera Kaspar der Fagottist. This constitutes the last 15 arias found in Druschetzky's arranged collection of 42 Arias mentioned previously. Included is a presentation of biographical material on the arranger, a brief history of the Harmonie, a comparison of the arrangement with that of the original opera, a description of the editorial method, and a consideration of the style of the transcription. My hope is that this transcription will find a place as part of the standard repertoire for this type of ensemble and encourage further research on the literature for Harmonie, much of which currently lies dormant in many manuscript collections throughout Europe. The aim of this project is to present material, which may encourage future discoveries and performances of the vast amount of unpublished repertoire available in this genre.



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