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The field of educational technology has been and continues to be an influential component within the vast array of educational strategies, pedagogies, plans, and processes designed to enhance student learning. Faculties are realizing the relevance and potential of educational technologies in their teaching and professional and personal growth. However, the distance between envisioning technological use and actual implementation is often a long, winding road for many educators.

University faculty members are in the midst of a strong emphasis by various stakeholders to travel that road and to travel it with speed and accuracy. The mainstream members of tertiary level faculties encounter both obstacles and support along the road in varying degrees and proportions. The purpose of this exploratory mixed methodology study was designed to reveal the voice of those often hesitant travelers and to determine the how, when, why, and why not of their choosing to integrate technology into their teaching and learning. Data were collected through a survey administered to faculty from three academic colleges and interviews of selected survey respondents.

Data were analyzed descriptively, by way of path analysis, and with the constant comparative method. This study attempted to provide insight into the processes of the adoption of innovation by mainstream faculty members, thus resulting in a Technology Integration Process Model. The results suggest that faculty members recognize potential benefits of technology in teaching and learning and that peer interactions and collegiality are significant in helping them learn new innovations and strategies. This fundamental knowledge is expected to inform the design of professional development relevant to those continuing on the journey and those who have not yet chosen to travel.



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