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Bilingual education has had a resurgence in the United States since the Bilingual Education Act of 1968. Since that time the number of language immersion programs across the country has increased exponentially. Although language immersion programs are a type of bilingual education there are considerable differences in the implementation and intended outcomes. Language immersion programs ascribe to three basic goals: for students to become bi-lingual, bi-literate, and develop a degree of multicultural awareness. This study seeks to begin to explore the methods teachers use to carry out the task of developing a degree of multicultural awareness. To answer this question, video recordings of classroom observations were made and viewed with the participant during an interview. The participant was asked to talk about clips of video from the classroom observation and the responses were recorded. The recorded responses were then transcribed and analyzed through multiple layers of open coding. Findings revealed that the participant chose five plus one methods of teaching culture in her language immersion classroom: through the L2, through standalone culture lessons, through processes, through juxtaposition, through real life application, and through repetition. Additionally, the findings suggests that the participant chose the five plus one methods to teacher culture in her classroom because she teaches toward a culturally relevant pedagogy.



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