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This dissertation is divided into two parts. Part one is a historical paper about the chamber orchestra known as The Louisiana Sinfonietta and is divided into seven chapters. In the introduction I explain the methods used to conduct this research. Chapter one is an introduction that discusses the problem of the possible end of the long tradition of the symphony orchestra. Chapter one also investigates how the organizational model used by the Louisiana Sinfonietta may be a sign of a new orchestral model, one that may solve many of the problems that orchestras are facing today. Chapters two, three, and four investigate the history of the orchestra from 1981 until 2009. Chapter five outlines the Louisiana Sinfonietta repertoire. In this chapter I compare what the Louisiana Sinfonietta performs and what the average orchestra in the United States performs. Chapter six is a series of five interviews with people concerning the history of the Louisiana Sinfonietta. Chapter seven presents conclusions based on the preceding chapters. Part two is an original composition: Concerto for Guitar and Symphony Orchestra, Op. 12. The piece is scored for symphony orchestra and solo guitar and is divided into five movements in which I use different orchestral combinations in order to create different colors and atmospheres. My main compositional influences were Igor Stravinsky, Alban Berg, Heitor Villa-Lobos, and Dinos Constantinides.



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