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Four studies on vascular and exercise physiology are presented in this document. The 1st study examined the relationships between measures of fitness and FVF in 55 young [22.6 ± 3.5 years] adults. Estimated VO2peak correlated with arterial inflow (Ainf) [r=0.54; p=0.012] and resting venous outflow (Vout) [r=0.56; p=0.016]. Lastly, HG strength was associated with Vcap [r=0.57; p=0.007] and Vout [r=0.67; p=0.001]. The 2nd study examined the relationship between FVF and exercise tolerance (ExT) in 20 patients with HF [age: 59 ± 13 years] and 10 age-matched controls [age: 51 ± 16 years. The ExT was measured as the maximum walking distance (MWD) in 6 minutes. FVF [Ainf: HF 15.3 ± 6; controls 22 ± 6.7; Vcap: HF 1.4 ± 0.5; controls 2.0 ± 0.4; Vout: HF 24.5 ± 9.4; controls 33 ± 10 mL · 100 mL tissue-1 · min-1; and forearm vascular resistance: HF 7.8 ± 3; controls 4.6 ± 1.4U] indices and MWD [HF: 178 ± 65 m; controls: 562 ± 136m, P = .0001] were different between groups. Correlation analysis revealed significant associations between FVF indices and MWD. The 3rd study examined the effect of 25% (LO) and 75% (HI) of MVC short-term HG exercise training on FVF in 28 healthy men [Age:23±4.3]. The 4-week program consisted of non-dominant HG exercise performed 5 d/wk for 20-min. Training resulted in increased Ainf in the non-dominant arm in the LO and HI groups by 16.51% and 20.72%, respectively. The final study examined the time-course FVF adaptations to HG exercise training in 17 men [Age: 22.6 ± 3.5]. The HG exercise was performed in the non-dominant arm 5 d/wk for 20-min at 60% of MVC. The 2 X 5 ANOVA revealed arms X visits interaction for Ainf [p=0.02], while the LSD post-hoc demonstrated unilateral increase in Ainf following the 1st week. Additional 2 X 5 split-plot ANOVA tests revealed arms X visits interaction [p=0.04] for venous compliance (Vcomp) with LSD post-hoc demonstrating a decrease in trained arm Vcomp in visit 2 followed by an increase in visit 4 and return to baseline level at visit 5.



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