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The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and employee engagement on the intent to leave of public school teachers in South Louisiana. The teachers were described on those psychological measures as well as the demographic characteristics of age, gender, marital status, education level, years’ experience in education, years’ experience in their current school system and years until eligible for retirement. In order to collect the necessary data, the following instruments were utilized: the Job Descriptive Index/Job In General, the Organizational Commitment Questionnaire, the Utrecht Work and Well Being Survey, three-point Intent to Leave instrument, and a demographic survey. A total of 244 useable responses to these instruments were completed by participating teachers. Findings revealed that the largest group of teachers were of the Generation X age category. The majority of the teachers surveyed were female, married and had earned a Bachelor of Science degree, and the largest group had over 20 years’ experience in education. There were few significant relationships between the psychological variables and the demographic variables. Findings also indicated that the teachers were generally satisfied with their overall jobs. Negative correlations were found between scores for each of the three psychological measures of Job in General, Organizational Commitment, and Employee Engagement; and Intent to Leave. A model was found that explained 45.2% of the variance in intent to leave among public school teachers in South Louisiana from selected psychological and demographic measures. Based on these findings, the researcher concluded that the teachers were found to be satisfied with their jobs, particularly their co-workers and the work itself; committed to their xiii organization, engaged, and to possess very little intent to leave. The teachers were found to be dissatisfied with their pay and with their opportunities for promotion.



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