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Each teacher has a set of beliefs and knowledge as it relates to teaching and learning. In this study, we examine “How do the ways in which teachers perceive mandated literacy implementation impact their classroom instruction?” Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore some of the issues that attempts to change teachers’ instructional practices in the classroom and seeks to reveal some of the issues that influence as well as hinder instructional reform within that setting. This qualitative case study uses observations, interviews and questionnaires to highlight teacher efficacy from four first grade teachers and classrooms through the use of Spradley’s Developmental Research Sequence - DRS (1990). Additionally, teachers and Literacy administrators’ responses are analyzed using information according to Ashton’s Eight Dimensions of Teacher Efficacy (1984). These categories are revealed and connected to specific beliefs as tasks are revealed throughout the study to analyze what literacy administrators believe are important characteristics for teachers to exhibit, the role that teachers play in determining what occurs in their classroom as well as what teachers believe are essential in the instructional phases of teaching reading. Each teacher possess varying degrees of efficacy and perceptions that impacts literacy instruction within their classroom. Consequently, teachers ultimately teach what is mandated to achieve desirable student outcomes even when they do not agree with the methods or processes wholeheartedly. Additionally, teachers’ value information gained from colleagues and peers in determining what they think of themselves as teachers, choices made and actions they take with their students. Teachers play an important role in fostering and implementing change in literacy reform, more specifically in the classroom. Hence, teachers benefit from participating with the planning in all stages of implementation and take pride in the performance of their students. The information gained from this study could assist in setting up professional development, serve as a guide for providing warranted support for student learning and teacher knowledge, and fostering considerations for including teachers in the important stages regarding the planning and implementation of classroom literacy instruction.



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