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This document is a partial catalog of what is readily available to violinists for studies relating to twentieth-century repertoire. More studies in this area exist throughout the world, so those presented here are intended merely as a starting point. The document also contains factual information about the studies, as well as performance and theoretical analysis and biographical information about the composers. This information is designed to serve a variety of purposes. The factual and biographical information may be used by the violinist to choose appropriate etudes for himself/herself or a student. Later, the in-depth analysis will assist players throughout the process of practicing and perfecting the studies. The theoretical and compositional analysis may be of some use to non-violinists who are interested in the music of these composers, as well. The project presents studies by twenty-two different composers from Germany, Belgium, Italy, America, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia, Switzerland, and Austria. Of the one hundred and sixty-nine etudes included, seventy-six are analyzed individually. The works cover most of the major stylistic trends of the twentieth century and span the years 1926-1993. The information is mostly pragmatic in nature and is easily adopted into the daily teaching and practicing routine of the violinist. More importantly, it intends to open violinists to the notion of preparing for the repertoire of the twentieth century with the same standard of excellence that has been applied to the repertoire of the previous two centuries.



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