Levees and dams: Advances in geophysical monitoring and characterization

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© Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019. This book aims to inform policy-makers, engineers and earth scientists about the current and emerging role of geophysics in addressing environmental processes, assessments, and policy directions related to new and existing dams and levees. Until now geophysics has concentrated on characterization and remediation of dams and levees, but now the field is changing our understanding on the influence of natural processes (e.g., floods, dissolution) and human activities in the design, and management of these structures. This monograph includes the following advances and case studies: · New insights from small and mid-sized laboratory experiments · Integrated methods electromagnetic, seismic, potential methods · Inverse modeling approaches · Statistical considerations · Monitoring of processes attending aging structures · Hazard monitoring · Risk Analysis.

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Levees and Dams: Advances in Geophysical Monitoring and Characterization

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