East Greenland margin

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The principal objectives of Leg 152 were to sample the basalts of the seaward-dipping reflector sequences (SDRS) on the continental margin of southeast Greenland and in the adjacent Irminger Basin. The leg aimed to achieve deep penetration (400 m) at one site on the feather-edge of the SDRS and another deep site in the center of the sequence. Drilling of the cover sediments was aimed at recording the subsidence history of the margin and the paleoceanographic development of this part of the North Atlantic. Deep penetration (779 m) into the earliest basalts of the SDRS was achieved at Site 917, recording the nature of some of the earliest volcanism and the nature of the breakup unconformity and immediate substrata. Three lava series were identified. All three series appear to be derived by melting of a normal MORB-like depleted upper mantle. -from Authors

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JOIDES Journal

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