Ground-penetrating radar study of beach-ridge deposits in Huangqihai Lake, North China: the imprint of washover processes

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© 2016, Higher Education Press and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Determining the origin of beach ridges in lacustrine basins can often be problematic. The sedimentary processes responsible for formation of beach ridges on the north shore of Huangqihai Lake were investigated by using ground penetrating radar (GPR). A 400 MHz GPR antenna was used to achieve a high vertical resolution of 0.04–0.08 m. The radar stratigraphy was then determined using principles of seismic stratigraphy. The radar facies (RF) were determined by analyzing internal configuration and continuity of reflections, as well as reflection termination patterns. The identified RF fall into three groups (inclined, horizontal and irregular). The inclined group consists of RF that display inclined reflections. The horizontal group consists of RF that exhibit predominantly horizontal reflections. In the irregular group, the reflections are typically weak. RF with reflections with gently landward dips in the shore-normal profile are interpreted as washover sheet deposits. RF with steeply landward-dipping and imbricated reflections are interpreted as washover lobes. Washover sheets develop when overwash fails to enter a significant body of water and sedimentation takes place entirely on the relatively flattened topography. Washover lobe development occurs when overwash enters a region in which topography dips steeply landward, and sedimentation takes place on the surface of washover sheets or previous washover lobes. The beach-ridge deposits are interpreted as being formed entirely from vertically and laterally stacked washover sheets and washover lobes. They were formed by wave-dominated processes and secondary overwash processes supplemented by longshore currents.

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Frontiers of Earth Science

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