Histopathological findings in fatal novel H1N1: an autopsy case series from September-November 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana

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Autopsy findings are presented on six patients in the greater New Orleans area with confirmed novel H1N1 in New Orleans, Louisiana, between the months of September to November 2009. Each case was reviewed for antemortem clinical data as well as pre-existing comorbidities. Results from postmortem gross, histological and bacteriologic analyses are detailed and support the assertion that pathologic findings associated with novel H1N1 are similar to those attributed to previous pandemics, though the rate of bacterial super-infection is variable and may depend on the analytical method of microbiologic testing. The current case series is also remarkable for the associated rate of pulmonary thromboemboli and acute renal failure as potential clinical associations with the current pandemic.

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The Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society : official organ of the Louisiana State Medical Society

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