Novel thermoelectric cooling of magnetic sensors

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In situ thermoelectric cooling of GMR nanowires is a novel method to obtain reliable and more sensitive GMR devices. Bismuth telluride (Bi Te ) caps were used to provide localized thermoelectric cooling of GMR nanowires. Bi Te nanowires were electrodeposited from aqueous acidic solutions containing different Bi and HTeO concentrations. GMR layered structures were electrodeposited from a Co-rich electrolyte using a pulsed potential technique. The highest Seebeck coefficients of-318.7 μV/K and 117 μV/K were measured for n-type and p-type nanowires, respectively. P-type nanowires were obtained for low Te concentrations (<30%). Initial experiments were conducted to study the effect of thermoelectric cooling on sensitivity of GMR nanowires. Results showed that using Bi Te caps can improve magnetic sensitivity of GMR nanowires. ©The Electrochemical Society. x y x y 2 x y 3+ +

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ECS Transactions

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