Using in-situ Fe and Mn K-edge XANES to study a Mn-promoted Fe/Cu/SiO2 catalyst during H2 reduction and during the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

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Despite a great deal of research on Fischer-Tropsch catalysts over the last decades, recent studies have noted the lack of systematic in-situ studies of the working catalyst. Here, we report the results of an in-situ Fe K-edge XANES study to examine the effect of reduction and syngas reactions on a Mn-promoted Fe-based catalyst, carried out at LSU's synchrotron beam line. The results show that Fe reduces in the presence of H , as shown by changes in the pre-edge feature (7.112 KeV), which is indicative of reduction to a lower oxidation state . Additionally, there is evidence of further reduction in the presence of syngas which is indicative of the formation of Fe C in the catalyst. 2 x 2

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ACS National Meeting Book of Abstracts

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