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A series of Rh-substituted lanthanum zirconate pyrochlores doped with different loadings of Y (A-site or B-site) were synthesized and studied for methane steam reforming (MSR) under low steam-to-carbon ratios (S/C = 1.0). This study mainly focuses on Y doping in the pyrochlore structure and its potential influence on the catalytic activity of Rh and carbon formation during reaction. XANES data showed that doping Y into the pyrochlore resulted in an occupancy that was predominately located in the B-site, but overall the distribution of Y in each site was similar in all catalysts despite the loadings of Y and stoichiometry of the constituent pyrochlore cations. Activity testing showed that 4 wt% Y doping at La-site led to higher activity at high flow rate and feed dilution, and high selectivity to synthesis gas. This catalyst showed strong resistance to coking under a long-term stability test (300 h) and a series of low S/C ratios MSR.

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Applied Catalysis A: General