Bismuth telluride nano-coolers for magnetic sensors

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A novel conceptual mechanism for cooling Giant magneto resistance (GMR) nanostructures using bismuth telluride (Bi ,Te ) thermoelectric caps is reported for first time. Bi Te thin films and nanowires were electrodeposited from an aqueous electrolyte solution using a constant potential method. GMR layered structures were electrodeposited form a Co-rich electrolyte using a pulsed potential technique. Optimal deposition potentials were identified from polarization analysis. Thin film morphology was found to be strongly dependent on deposition potentials. With increased deposition potentials crystalline to polycrystalline transition and decreased Te concentration were observed from XRD and EDS analysis, respectively. A maximum Seebeck coefficient of -200uV/K was obtained at 345K for a thin film sample deposited at -15OmV. © The Electrochemical Society. x y x y

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ECS Transactions

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