Bi-reforming of methane on Ni-based pyrochlore catalyst

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A Ni-based pyrochlore catalyst was synthesized using the modified Pechini method. In this method, 1 wt% Ni was doped into the La Zr O pyrochlore structure. The catalyst was characterized by H -TPR, TPO, XRD, and EXAFS, and tested for its methane reforming activity under bi-reforming reaction conditions; i.e.; in the presence of CO and steam: 3C +C +2 O⇌4CO+8 Repeated TPR/TPO cycles showed that the two consecutive TPR spectra do not change, showing that the catalyst is stable at high temperatures, and that the nickel oxidation/reduction process is reversible. The catalyst showed constant activity with time at all temperatures in the range of 700-950 °C over a cumulative period of 170 h. After this series of bi-reforming tests, TPO of the spent catalyst was carried out, which showed detectable but unquantifiable carbon deposition. The presence of steam in bi-reforming greatly limits carbon deposition compared to directly related dry-reforming tests on this same catalyst. 2 2 7 2 2 H4 O2 H2 H2

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Applied Catalysis A: General

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