Acoustical and geological characteristics of near-surface sediments, upper continental slope of northern Gulf of Mexico

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The continental slope off Texas and Louisiana is the most structurally and sedimentologically complex area in the Gulf of Mexico. This 120,000 km area is dominated by diapiric tectonics, resulting in numerous faults, oil and gas seeps, and other geological phenomena that affect near-surface sediments. Bottom gradients range from 0 to 20°. High-resolution seismic surveys, foundation borings, and drop cores reveal several mass-movement features, acoustic wipeout zones, sea floor erosion, faults, hardgrounds, bioherms, reefs, and outcrops. Recent data indicate that most geological activity takes place during relative sea level lowering and low stands. © 1990 Springer-Verlag New York Inc. 2

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Geo-Marine Letters

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