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Here we reported the fatty-acids and their δ C values in seep carbonates collected from Green Canyon lease block 185 (GC 185; Sample GC-F) at upper continental slope (water depth: ~540 m), and Alaminos Canyon lease block 645 (GC 645; Sample AC-E) at lower continental slope (water depth: ~2200 m) of the Gulf of Mexico. More than thirty kinds of fatty acids were detected in both samples. These fatty acids are maximized at C . There is a clear even-over-odd carbon number predominance in carbon number range. The fatty acids are mainly composed of n-fatty acids, iso-/anteiso-fatty acids and terminally branched odd-numbered fatty acids (iso/anteiso). The low δ C values (-39.99‰ to. 32.36‰) of n-C , n-C , i-C and n-C suggest that they may relate to the chemosynthetic communities at seep sites. The unsaturated fatty acids n-C and C Δ have the same δ C values, they may originate from the Beggiatoa/Thioploca. Unlike other fatty acids, the terminally branched fatty acids (iso/anteiso) show lower δ C values (as low as -63.95‰) suggesting a possible relationship to sulfate reducing bacteria, which is common during anaerobic oxidation of methane at seep sites. © 2009 Science in China Press and Springer-Verlag GmbH. 13 13 9 13 13 16 12:0 13:0 14:0 14:0 18:2 18:1

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Chinese Science Bulletin

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