Coal facies and in-seam profiling, Highvale No. 2 seam, Highvale Alberta

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In-seam profiling from two sites in the Wabamun/Highvale minesite has shown that there are heterogeneities in the character of the Highvale No. 2 seam. Petrographically, there is a dulling-up appearance to the coal seam which is related to an increase in inertinite macerals. This may be due to increasing oxidizing conditions resulting from raising of the mire surface above the influence of groundwater. Palynologically, assemblages are dominated by Taxodiaceaepollenites hiatus, which decreases in population slightly towards the top of the seam. This suggests that arborescent vegetation was predominant in mire development. Other components include Laevigatosporites sp., Stereisporites sp. and bisaccate pollen. Ash and sulphur percentages are highest at the immediate base and top of the seam. An overall trend of increasing ash in the upper half of the seam may be due to airborne volcanic ash deposited on the mire surface. The increase in sulphur values at the top of the seam may be diagenetic in origin, introduced to the underlying peat by the flowthrough of fresh groundwaters replenished by an encroaching fluvial source.

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Alberta Research Council, Information Series

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