CO2 Outgassing from Spring Waters

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© 2016, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht. CO2 released from lakes, rivers, and estuaries has been included in estimates of the global CO2 budget; however, CO2 released from carbonate springs has not been routinely included in the estimate of the global CO2 budget. The omission of carbonate spring water as a source of CO2 might result in an underestimation of the overall flux of CO2 from surface waters to the atmosphere. In this study, the flux of CO2 from carbonate springs was calculated and compared to the rate of outgassing of CO2 reported in the literature for other surface water bodies. The calculated fluxes of CO2 from carbonate springs ranged 280–380,000 mmol m−2 d−1. A range that is larger than the range of CO2 fluxes reported for estuaries (100–1900 mmol m−2 d−1), headwater streams and rivers (100–1600 mmol m−2 d−1), freshwater lakes (−300 to 3200 mmol m−2 d−1), and saline lakes (−300 to 9900 mmol m−2 d−1). This work demonstrates that the outgassing of CO2 from springs should be included in the global CO2 budget.

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Aquatic Geochemistry

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