Raw Model output of Explosive Eruption Plume Simulations in Windy Conditions

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Explosive eruption plume stability (i.e. whether a plume collapses to form a pyroclastic density current or rises buoyantly into the atmosphere), is an important consideration when assessing volcanic hazards. Myriad factors can affect the stability of a plume, with wind being one of the least studied. To remedy this, a range of eruptive and atmospheric conditions were simulated using the Active Tracer High-resolution Atmospheric Model (ATHAM) to asses plume stability in windy conditions. The results of these simulations are analyzed and discussed in Paladino et al. (2024b; DOI:10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2024.108036). This dataset contains the raw model output associated with that study.

Each zip archive contains one simulation in the form of several netCDF files. Each archive is anywhere between a few to ~14 Gb. Within the archives, the .nc files contain data, while the .des files contain descriptions and metadata needed for the .nc file to function. The netCDF files with a "_MOV” suffix contain 3D time series of the model domain and include variables such as ash concentration, bulk density, pressure, temperature, etc. Some archives will contain netCDF files with a “_PIC” suffix. These files contain 2D deposition maps of any tracers in the model, including ash, water, or other chemical species.

If you would like to visualize the data before downloading, small file size animations of every simulation are available for download and viewing at the following Zenodo repository (https://zenodo.org/records/10439779).