Books from 2023

Writing Ambition: Literary Engagements Between Women in France, Katharine Ann Jensen

Submissions from 2022


COVID-19 in the United States as Affective Frame, John Protevi

Books from 2021

Édouard Glissant, Philosopher: Heraclitus and Hegel in the Whole-World, Alexandre Leupin

Books from 2020

Charles de Foucauld's Reconnaissance au Maroc, 1883-1884: A Critical Edition in English, Rosemary A. Peters-Hill

Thinking the Event, François Raffoul

Guido Cavalcanti: Poet of the Rational Animal, Gregory B. Stone

Books from 2018

Speaking French in Louisiana, 1720-1955: Linguistic Practices of the Catholic Church, Sylvie Dubois and Malcolm Richardson

Books from 2016

Acting Up: Staging the Subject in Enlightenment, Jeffrey M. Leichman

Submissions from 2015


Economies of Violence, John Protevi

Books from 2013

Stealing Things: Theft and the Author in Nineteenth-Century France, Rosemary A. Peters

Life, War, Earth: Deleuze and the Sciences, John Protevi

Books from 2012

Criminal Papers: Reading Crime in the French Nineteenth Century, Rosemary A. Peters

Books from 2011

Uneasy Possessions: The Mother-Daughter Dilemma in French Women's Writings, 1671-1928, Katharine Ann Jensen

Films With Legs: Crossing Borders With Foreign Langauge Films, Rosemary A. Peters

Books from 2010

The Origins of Responsibility, François Raffoul

Books from 2009

Political Affect: Connecting the Social and the Somatic, John Protevi

Books from 2006

A Dictionary of Continental Philosophy, John Protevi

Dante's Pluralism and the Islamic Philosophy of Religion, Gregory B. Stone

Books from 2005

The Edinburgh Dictionary of Continental Philosophy, John Protevi

Lieux propices. L'énonciation des lieux/le lieu de l'énonciation dans les contextes francophones interculturels, Adelaide Russo