Vida privada e imagen pública Isabel de Borbón y la corte literaria de Felipe IV

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Abstract «On the Death of Isabel of Borbón» is perhaps the best written testimony of Queen Isabel’s love for the arts and letters. This poem, in all likelihood penned by Philip IV to honor Isabel’s life, is composed of eight decimas and the last verse of each is also the title of a Spanish Golden Age comedia. Although the special delight that Isabel found in the literature and fine arts of her time is well recognized, today we still know little about the extent and quality of that fondness, in particular, the relationship she may have established with the most famous and favored writers in the Court of the Planet King. This paper offers a first glimpse into how Isabel de Borbón is represented in the poem, paying special attention to two comedias mentioned in it: Los dos amantes del cielo and Amigo, amante y leal, both by Don Pedro Calderón de la Barca.

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Serenísima palabra Actas del X Congreso de la Asociación Internacional Siglo de Oro (Venecia, 14-18 de julio de 2014)

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