Imagine That: Studies in Imagined Interactions

Imagine That: Studies in Imagined Interactions



Imagined interactions (IIs) are a type of daydreaming in which individuals think about conversation in their minds. The first book on imagined interactions published by Hampton Press received a Distinguished Book Award from the National Communication Association. This volume reports a number of fascinating studies on IIs. Chapter 1 reviews the association between ruminating about conflict and relationship happiness, personality, and emotions. Chapter 2 examines topics of conflict and physical violence over a 4-month time period. The third chapter examines physiology and road rage as well as individuals imagining discussing pleasing and displeasing topics followed by an actual discussion of these topics with their partner while blood pressure and heart-rate variability fluctuate.

Chapter 4 examines the role of IIs in bereavement, and chapter 5 examines similarities and differences involving characteristics of IIs compared with the concept of Interpersonal Christian Prayer (ICP). Chapter 7 examines the role of IIs in online communication including emailing and instant messaging. Chapter 8 examines college students IIs with parents about money and credit card debt, and the following chapter reports on women who have had plastic surgery as they report on their IIs with family members and people they work with before and after their treatment. Chapter 10 examines discrepancy in IIs and symbolic convergence theory in which individuals in small groups often engage in fantasies as part of group identification. The concluding chapter examines dialogue theory in terms of individuals shared understanding.

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Imagine That: Studies in Imagined Interactions