Revision of Cyclocaccus Sharp (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae: Nitidulinae)

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Cyclocaccus Sharp is a Neotropical genus comprising three previously described species from Central America. We recognize three species-groups within the genus, redescribe previously described species, and describe 12 new species, bringing the total to 15 species as follow: the Cyclocaccus laeticulus species-group includes C. clinei Hisamatsu, new species, C. laeticulus Sharp, 1891, C. speciosus Hisamatsu, new species, C. monticola Sharp, 1891, C. costaricensis Hisamatsu, new species, C. maculatus Hisamatsu, new species, and C. epakros Hisamatsu, new species; the Cyclocaccus brevicollis species-group includes C. brevicollis Sharp, 1891, C. oenorubens Hisamatsu, new species, and C. pantherinus Hisamatsu, new species; and the Cyclocaccus morulus species-group includes C. lescheni Hisamatsu, new species, C. stonyx Hisamatsu, new species, C. morulus Hisamatsu, new species, C. smileyeyes Hisamatsu, new species, and C. intermediatus Hisamatsu, new species. All species are described or redescribed. Dorsal habitus images, illustrations of male and female genitalia, and other important diagnostic characters are provided for all species. A key for identification of species-groups and species is included.

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Coleopterists Bulletin

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