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We provide the first descriptions of larvae of the nitidulid beetles Soronia oculata Reitter and Hisparonia hystrix (Sharp), compare them with similar larvae of other nitidulids, and comment on the utility of larval data in phylogenetic studies. Soronia oculata larvae are quite similar to many other larvae within the Soronia genus complex, but those of H. hystrix are distinctly different, namely by having an unfringed, spinose mandibular prostheca, striations of mola obscured by blunt teeth, and malar setae that are course and restricted to the distal half. This supports the recent transfer of the species to a monotypic genus. Larvae of S. oculata inhabit fermenting sap flows on woody plants and those of H. hystrix are found on sooty moulds. Both species are endemic to New Zealand, where they are widespread. A single unconfirmed record of H. hystrix from Fiji might represent an introduction. A species list of New Zealand nitidulid taxa is appended. © 2007 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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New Zealand Entomologist

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