Eight new species of arianops brendel from the Southeastern United States with an updated key and notes on additional species (coleoptera: staphylinidae: pselaphinae)

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Eight species of blind, wingless, amauropine pselaphines in the genus Arianops are described and placed in established species groups: in the amplyoponica group, A. obrieni, ew species (type locality, Tyler County, Texas); in the nantahala group, A. carteri, new species (type locality, Union County, South Carolina); in the henroti group, A. clintoni, new species (type locality, Monroe County, Alabama); in the cavernensis group, A. ashei, new species (type locality, Butler County, Alabama), A. barri, new species (type locality, Jackson County, Alabama), A. folkertsi, new species (type locality, Walker County, Alabama), A. gorei, new species (type locality, Grunday County, Tennessee), and A. hiltenae, new species (type locality, Blount County, Tennessee). These species bring the total diversity of the genus to 42 species and one subspecies. Distributional updates and collection notes are provided for A. digitata Barr, A. extera Barr, and A. unicoi Barr, and the taxonomic status of numerous undetermined specimens is discussed. A putative male internal sac protruding from a female specimen of A. alticola Barr is described and illustrated. The species taxonomy of the genus is judged to be incompletely known despite the relatively large number of described species.

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Coleopterists Bulletin

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