Identification of Nosema bombi Fantham and Porter 1914 (Microsporidia) in Bombus impatiens and Bombus sandersoni from Great Smoky Mountains National Park (USA)

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Ninety three bumble bees belonging to the genus Bombus, subgenus Pyrobombus (three Bombus vagans, seven Bombus bimaculatus, 17 B. sandersoni and 68 B. impatiens) from Great Smoky Mountains National Park were examined for microsporidia. Light microscopy of calcoflour and trichrome-stained smears, and PCR revealed infection with N. bombi in one specimen each of B. sandersoni and B. impatiens. Sizes and shapes of spores in both N. bombi isolates were similar to those described for European isolates of the microsporidium. A region of the rRNA gene from the B. impatiens isolate (1689 bp, accession GQ254295) aligned with homologous sequences from eight European isolates, with only three variable sites. Sequence variability of this region between novel isolates and the European ones was the same as among European isolates. © 2009 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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Journal of Invertebrate Pathology

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