Types and Mechanisms of Rapidly Induced Plant Resistance to Herbivorous Arthropods

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© 2014 by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. All rights reserved. This chapter presents an overview of the types and mechanisms of rapidly induced resistance to herbivores in plants. It focuses on the challenges associated with understanding cause-effect relationships in induced resistance, and the approaches used to overcome these challenges. The chapter proceeds by first comparing the threats posed by, and plant responses to, arthropod herbivores and pathogenic microorganisms. It shows a survey of the various types of rapidly induced resistance to arthropods. This survey is illustrated with selected examples of inducible biochemical, physiological and morphological traits that are associated with induced resistance. The chapter concludes with a more detailed consideration of the complex causal basis of induced resistance and of some of the approaches used to elucidate cause-effect relationships in induced resistance.

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Induced Resistance for Plant Defense: A Sustainable Approach to Crop Protection

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