Species of anillinus casey (coleoptera: Carabidae: Trechinae) described from Brazil and their relation to North American representatives of the genus

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We investigated the taxonomic implications of two species of the anilline carabid genus Anillinus Casey described from Brazil, Anillinus minor Zaballos and Mateu and Anillinus magnus Zaballos and Mateu. Comparison of the aedeagus of A. minor to those of North American representatives of the genus led to the conclusion that A. minor should be placed in synonymy with A. steevesi Barr, new synonym, from the southeastern United States. Morphological details of the aedeagus of A. minor suggest affinities with the southern populations of A. steevesi from Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Anillinus magnus is transferred to the North American genus Serranillus Barr, as Serranillus magnus (Zaballos and Mateu), new combination. Evaluation of the possible common origins of the two species represented by the Brazil-labeled specimens suggested that they were originally collected in northwestern Georgia, USA and subsequently mislabeled and described as "Brazilian" species. The type locality of A. steevesi at Cloudland Canyon State Park, Georgia and literature mention of an undescribed species of Serranillus from the same locality constitute strong circumstantial evidence in support of this conclusion.

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Coleopterists Bulletin

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