Changes in the parity rate of Tabanus fuscicostatus (Diptera: Tabanidae) populations associated with controlling available hosts.

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The parity rates of Tabanus fuscicostatus Hine populations were monitored at two areas of a wildlife management complex for 24 d using canopy traps baited with dry ice. Overall, 1,235 flies were dissected. Three cows placed in Area T were sprayed with 0.05% fenvalerate, and three cows placed in Area U were not sprayed. The parity rate in Area T decreased from 43.6 to 31.2% following the introduction of cattle. Conversely, the parity rate in Area U increased from 30.3 to 43.7% following the introduction of cattle. These results indicate that a segment of T. fuscicostatus populations returns to the previous location for a subsequent blood meal.

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Journal of medical entomology

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