Evaluation of three feed-through insecticides using two rodent and two sand fly species as models

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The efficacy of 3 rodent feed-through insecticides (novaluron, pyriproxyfen, and ivermectin) was determined against larvae of the sand flies Phlebotomus duboscqi and P. papatasi using Syrian hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) and Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus) as laboratory models. For each insecticide, there were no significant differences between the longevity or percentage survival of sand fly larvae that had been fed feces of treated rodents for each sand fly or rodent species pairing. The results of this study suggest that larvae of P. duboscqi and P. papatasi are equally susceptible to the concentrations of the rodent feed-through insecticides tested in this study and that these insecticides are pharmacologically compatible with different rodent/sand fly interactions. © 2012 by The American Mosquito Control Association, Inc.

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Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association

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