A Robust Control Approach to Event-Triggered Networked Control Systems with Time-Varying Delays

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A robust control approach is proposed to solve the asymptotic stabilization problem of networked control systems, where the data transmission is mediated by a triggering function, and is subject to time-varying transmission delays. We show that the triggering mechanism and the delay effects could be regarded as uncertain components interconnected with a stable linear time-invariant system. We then use two operators to describe the uncertainties, and find the corresponding integral quadratic constraints of the operators. The stability of the networked control system is analyzed from a robust control point of view. Beyond the stability analysis, a co-design algorithm is devised to design the control gain and detection parameters jointly to maximize the inter-event interval as well as the maximum allowable time-delay. Theoretically, the proposed scheme guarantees that out-of-order packet delivery does not happen. The robust control framework allows the algorithm developed for time-varying delays to be applied to the constant delay and the delay free cases. Finally, the theoretical results are demonstrated and verified by numerical simulations.

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IEEE Access

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