A novel in-plane passive microfluidic mixer with modified Tesla structures

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An innovative in-plane passive micromixer using modified Tesla structures, which are used as passive valves, has been designed, simulated, fabricated and successfully characterized in this paper. Simulation and experimental results of the developed novel micromixer have shown excellent mixing performance over a wide range of flow conditions in the micro scale. The micromixer realized in this work has achieved even better mixing performance at a higher flow rate, and its pressure drop is less than 10 KPa at the flow rate of 100 μ1 min -1. This micromixer shows characteristics similar to Taylor dispersion, with contributions from both diffusion and convection. The mixer has a diffusion domain region at low flow rate, but it moves to a convection domain region at high flow rate. Due to the simple in-plane structure of the novel micromixer explored in this work, the mixer can be easily realized and integrated with on-chip microfluidic devices and micro total analysis systems (μ-TAS).

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Lab on a Chip

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