Effective scheduling operation of coordinated and uncoordinated wind-hydro and pumped- storage in generation units with modified JAYA algorithm

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This paper proposes a stochastic hourly combination approach for effective scheduling of wind, cascaded hydro generation and pumped-storage units. The proposed problem maximizes the expected generation profit by participating in the day-ahead energy and ancillary service markets in both coordinated and uncoordinated modes. In this way, the spinning reserve and regulation markets are considered as ancillary services. Due to the variability and uncertainty characteristics of wind power in the ancillary service market, cascaded hydro units along with the river basin and Pumped- Storage (PS) units are deployed to improve the system dependency. The bidding risk associated with the wind farm and hydro units is modeled by utilizing the conditional value at risk (CVaR). Due to the high nonlinearity and non-convexity of the problem, a newly electro-search optimization algorithm which is modified based on the JAYA algorithm is developed to solve the problem optimally. Also, a stochastic framework based on unscented transform is employed to model the high uncertainties of the problem. The simulation results demonstrate the high efficiency and performance of the proposed technique in maximizing the generation companies (GENCO's) profit.

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2017 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, IAS 2017

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