A New Efficient Stochastic Energy Management Technique for Interconnected AC Microgrids

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Cooperating interconnected microgrids with the Distribution System Operation (DSO) can lead to an improvement in terms of operation and reliability. This paper investigates the optimal operation and scheduling of interconnected microgrids highly penetrated by renewable energy resources (DERs). Moreover, an efficient stochastic framework based on the Unscented Transform (UT) method is proposed to model uncertainties associated with the hourly market price, hourly load demand and DERs output power. Prior to the energy management, a newly developed linearization technique is employed to linearize nodal equations extracted from the AC power flow. The proposed stochastic problem is formulated as a single-objective optimization problem minimizing the interconnected AC MGs cost function. In order to validate the proposed technique, a modified IEEE 69-bus network is studied as the test case.

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IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting

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