A hybrid structure for energy harvesting from human body thermal radiation and mechanical movement

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In this work, a hybrid structure was proposed to harvest both mechanical and heat energy sources available in the human body. The device is designed to harvest both the thermal radiation of the human body based on the proposed solution-processed photovoltaic structure and the mechanical movement of the human body based on an electrostatic generator. The photovoltaic structure is used to charge the capacitor at the initial step of each conversion cycle. The simple fabrication process of the photovoltaic device can potentially address the problem associated with the charging method of the electrostatic generators. The simulation results showed that the combination of two methods can significantly increase the harvested energy from 2.2 µW/cm2 in the case of the harvesting thermal energy to 1.47 mW/cm2 in the case of harvesting both thermal energy and mechanical energy.

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Przeglad Elektrotechniczny

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