Effective Scheduling of Reconfigurable Microgrids With Dynamic Thermal Line Rating

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This paper addresses the optimal operation and scheduling of reconfigurable microgrids incorporating the dynamic line rating limitations during the islanded and grid-connected mode operations. The incorporation of the dynamic line rating of overhead feeders can potentially improve the system security when providing economical and technical benefits for the microgrid. The proposed framework takes into account a realistic formulation to minimize the total microgrid costs in both grid-connected and multiperiod islanded modes. Also, a stochastic framework based on unscented transform is proposed to model the uncertainties associated with renewable energy sources output power, market energy price, and load demand, as well as the weather uncertain parameters such as solar radiation, wind speed, and ambient temperature. Due to the high nonlinearity and complexity of the proposed problem, an efficient optimization algorithm based on the collective decision optimization algorithm is proposed. A new two-stage modification method is also developed to improve the algorithm search ability and avoid premature convergence. The proposed problem is examined on the IEEE 32-bus microgrid test system. The simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed model and verify its economic and reliability merits.

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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

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