Cybersecurity Enhancement of Power Trading within the Networked Microgrids Based on Blockchain and Directed Acyclic Graph Approach

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Power grid resilience, reliability, and sustainability can be improved significantly by decomposing the large grids into networked microgrids (NMGs). However, the optimal energy management problem and preserving the security in NMGs are more complicated and challenging. This paper aims to propose a secured stochastic energy management framework for NMGs based on the modified blockchain approach, utilizing the directed acyclic graph (DAG). Using the decentralized and transparent blockchain technology will help to have higher security and lower risks within the network, thus eliminating the financial fraud and cutting down the total operational cost. In order to address the issues arising in the traditional blockchain models, mainly due to the storage and high complexities of hash address calculations, this paper proposes a new modified blockchain technology based on the DAG method. Also, a novel data restoration technique is developed to provide a way to restore the data with appropriate accuracy. The unscented transform (UT) approach is employed to model the uncertainties of forecast error in hourly load demand, solar power output, and wind turbines power output. Finally, the proposed model is tested on an NMG system with four MGs, including two residential MGs (as the noncrucial loads), a commercial MG (as the intermediate level loads), and a hospital MG (as the crucial loads).

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications

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