Comments on new conditions for global stability of neural networks with application to linear and quadratic programming problems

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This letter makes the following comments on the results about global stability of neural networks presented in Forti and Tesi in the above paper: 1) the assumption of all neuron activation functions to vanish at the origin, which is utilized in the proof of the result (see the above paper [p. 357, Section III, Th. 3]) implying the existence and uniqueness of the network equilibrium point, can be actually omitted; 2) in the infinite sector case, the result of global asymptotic stability (GAS) (see the above paper [p. 359, Section IV, Th. 5]) remains true with respect to the class of increasing (not necessarily strictly) activations, as in the finite sector case. Consequently, a result about absolute stability (ABST) of neural networks, which can represent a generalization of the existing related ones, is also obtained. © 1997 IEEE.

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IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Fundamental Theory and Applications

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