Meshless harmonic volumetric mapping using fundamental solution methods

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Harmonic volumetric mapping aims to establish a smooth bijective correspondence between two solid shapes with the same topology. In this paper, we develop an automatic meshless method for creating such a mapping between two given objects. With the shell surface mapping as the boundary condition, we first solve a linear system constructed by a boundary method called the method of fundamental solution, and then represent the mapping using a set of points with different weights in the vicinity of the shell of the given model. Our algorithm is a true meshless method (without the need of any specific meshing structure within the solid interior) and the behavior of the interior region is directly determined by the boundary, which can improve the computational efficiency and robustness significantly. Therefore, our algorithm can be applied to massive volume data sets with various geometric primitives and topological types. We demonstrate the utility and efficacy of our algorithm in information transfer, shape registration, deformation sequence analysis, tetrahedral remeshing, and solid texture synthesis. © 2006 IEEE.

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IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering

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